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Bus Charter FAQ | Frequent Questions On Donegal To Glasgow Travel

At Bus Feda, our office and coach drivers often get asked travel related questions.

We have compiled some answers below to the most frequently asked questions for both our Donegal to Galway and Donegal to Glasgow routes, to help our customers plan their journey.

Does the bus go directly to the colleges in Galway?2022-11-18T15:51:31+00:00

Yes, we operate an express bus to Galway and express bus to Sligo on Sundays during college term and we also operate an express bus service from Galway to Sligo and an express bus service from Galway to Sligo on Fridays during college term.

  • Buses stop at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)
  • Buses stop at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Atlantic Technological University Formerly, GMIT Galway)
  • Buses stop at the Institute of Technology Sligo  (Atlantic Technological University Formerly, IT Sligo)
How long does the Limerick Direct route take?2023-08-07T16:30:29+01:00

The Donegal to Limerick bus takes 4 hours. If connecting at Sligo, the Sligo to Limerick bus takes 3 hours.

Do you accept the free travel pass on the Donegal/Glasgow service?2024-05-08T12:49:09+01:00

No, we do not accept the free travel pass on the Donegal/Glasgow bus service.

Does the bus drop off near the student accommodation?2022-08-10T13:10:30+01:00

We will deliver students to the main Student Accommodation areas in Galway on our Sunday evening service, including drop-offs at Corrib Village, Dunaras, Cuirt na Coirbe, GMIT, Glasan, NUIG and others. All other arrivals into Galway will drop at Eyre Square and Galway Cathedral.

Does the bus go direct to the college in Sligo?2022-11-30T13:13:11+00:00

Yes, we drop off at the main gates of ATU Sligo, Atlantic Technological University (formerly IT Sligo) on a Sunday evening during college term as well as at the main stop at Thomas Connolly’s Bar on Markievicz Road. All other arrivals into Sligo drop off at Thomas Connolly’s Bar on Markievicz Road.

Does Bus Feda accept the YAC (Young Adult Leap) card?2022-11-11T12:01:14+00:00

Yes, we are part of the YAC & Student Travel Scheme. The YAC offers 50% discounted fares to all young adults between 19 and 23 years old. YAC tickets can be purchased here on our website. We also accept the Student Leap Card which gives all 3rd Level education Students a 50% discount on standard fares.

Does the bus go direct to the college in Letterkenny?2022-11-30T13:13:38+00:00

Yes, we drop off in Ballyraine and also near the back entrance of Atlantic Technological University Letterkenny (formerly LYIT) on a Sunday evening during college term. All other arrivals into Letterkenny drop off at the Bus Stop near the station roundabout.

What is Atlantic Technological University?2022-11-18T15:49:27+00:00

Atlantic Technological University (also known as Atlantic TU or ATU) is the new name for Sligo IT, Letterkenny IT and GMIT. ATU is a multi-campus technological university in the west and northwest of Ireland that delivers a rich combination of academic and research excellence, quality of life and opportunity.

How much is the bus to Galway from Donegal?2022-08-10T12:53:58+01:00

 Please use the Journey Planner on the homepage to check all the different fares including the new YAC Student Travel fare to Galway, Sligo and Letterkenny.

Can I bring my bike on the bus?2022-08-10T12:56:43+01:00

Yes as long as you inform the Bus Feda Office in advance. There is no extra charge for a bike.

Do you cancel your bus services like other providers?2022-08-10T12:56:19+01:00

No, in the past 39 years, Bus Feda has never cancelled a service. We are very reliable and generally on time. We aim to look after all of our passengers, treat them with respect whilst bringing them to their destination in a safe, speedy and comfortable manner. We have been bringing students to college in Donegal, Sligo, Mayo and Galway since 1983.

Is there a toilet?2022-08-10T12:55:33+01:00

Not all Bus Feda coaches have toilets. We stop for a comfort break in Letterkenny and in Sligo so 2 hours is the most anyone will be onboard without a comfort break. Occasionally passengers need to go to the toilet during the trip for different reasons in which case the driver will allow them to go in one of the tows along the route.

How long does the bus trip take?2022-08-10T12:54:24+01:00

The Letterkenny to Galway bus takes approximately 4 hours. The Sligo to Letterkenny bus takes 1 hour 45 minutes. The Sligo to Galway bus takes approximately 2 hours.

Do you charge for baggage?2022-08-10T12:57:02+01:00

NO, Passengers can bring a reasonable amount of luggage without charge.

Do I have to book a bus ticket or can I just turn up at the bus stop?2022-08-10T12:53:04+01:00

Booking is not essential but by booking, it guarantees your seat and is also cheaper.

I am studying in Scotland do timetables change over Christmas?2022-11-30T13:14:15+00:00

Unfortunately, we won’t be operating the Scotland service over the Christmas period this year. We will resume the service in June.

I am going to college where can I find a bus timetable?2022-08-10T12:38:13+01:00

The journey planner on our homepage is the best way to view departure and arrival times specific to you.

If you are from Donegal, Sligo or Mayo and looking for a bus to NUIG or GMIT, click here for our Donegal to Galway timetable. You will also find bus times from Donegal to IT Sligo here also.

For passengers in Galway or Mayo looking for buses to IT Sligo and LYIT, click here for timetables.

If you have any questions that are not listed in our FAQ above, fill in our contact form and we will get back to you on your queries.

What size of buses do you have available to hire?2020-08-17T17:01:39+01:00

Our vehicles range in size from 4-57 seats, allowing us to carry out mini bus hire and coach hire services throughout Donegal to suit your requirements. To request a quotation for our Bus Hire Donegal services visit here.

Do you offer a private bus hire service?2020-08-17T17:01:39+01:00

Yes, we offer a private bus hire service in Donegal, if you would like to hire a coach or a mini bus in Letterkenny, Donegal Town, Ballybofey or anywhere else throughout Donegal, we would be more than happy to accomodate you. For further information on our bus hire Donegal service visit here or call us now on +353 74 9548114 for the best quote possible.

Is there free Wi-Fi on board your coaches?2022-08-10T12:55:03+01:00

Yes we have free Wi-Fi on most of our fleet.

Can I bring a pet with me on my journey?2024-05-22T17:14:31+01:00

Yes, on our Donegal to Galway coach service you can bring your pet. The pet must be in a proper secure pet cage and placed underneath with the luggage. Only registered service pets are allowed onboard. Unfortunately, at the minute, we cannot carry pets on our Donegal to Scotland coach service, we can only carry registered service animals.

If there is a Bus Eireann Strike will your buses still be running?2022-08-10T12:38:47+01:00

The Bus Éireann strikes does not affect Bus Feda services and we won’t leave anyone behind. Read More…

How can I get from Donegal to London?2020-08-17T17:01:40+01:00

You can get from Donegal to London with our Glasgow bus service by getting a connection from Queen St Station. From there you can get a train direct to London including Londons Kings Cross Station.

How can I get to/from Edinburgh from Glasgow?2022-11-30T13:15:48+00:00

If travelling from Donegal to Edinburgh, the Bus Feda Donegal to Glasgow route terminates at Buchannan Street Bus Station. From there, you can find regular buses that will travel on to Edinburgh and other locations in Scotland including Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow Airport. See more information on travel from Glasgow here.

Buchanan Bus Station is located next to Queen Street Train station and from this location passengers can get a train to anywhere in Scotland and the UK, including Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Manchester, Liverpool or London.

Do I need a passport to travel to Glasgow?2020-08-17T17:02:48+01:00

No, passengers don’t need any form of I.D to travel to and from Glasgow at the minute.

Does the coach to Glasgow stop/pick up passengers in Northern Ireland?2024-05-08T12:45:34+01:00

Yes, we will pick up or drop off people in Northern Ireland. Our bus stops in Northern Ireland include; Derry, Dungiven, Toome and Belfast.

Call our office on +353 74 9548114 to discuss and arrange a pickup in other locations along the route, (i.e. Castledawson).

If you are travelling from Glasgow to any of the locations in Northern Ireland listed above, call 0044 (0)7919204821. Alternatively, fill in our contact form.

Click here for details of our Donegal to Glasgow routes.

I want to travel to Glasgow, do I need to book a seat?2024-05-08T16:43:37+01:00

Yes, booking is essential, you can now book your trip to and from Donegal/Glasgow coach service using the buy ticket/ journey planner portal on our website. Click here to book your ticket.

If you require further assistance with booking, please call our Donegal office on +353749548114 or Glasgow on +447919204821.

Do you accept the Free Travel Pass?2023-12-08T12:42:54+00:00

Yes we accept all Irish Republic government issued free travel passes and also the Senior Smart Pass from Northern Ireland on our Donegal Galway Donegal route. At the minute we are unable to accept any free travel passes on our Donegal Glasgow Donegal route.

Click here for more information on travelling with the free travel pass.

Can I bring a bicycle on the bus?2022-08-10T12:39:16+01:00

Yes you can bring your bike on the bus provided its pre-arranged with the office. Call +353 74 9548114 at least 48 hours prior to your intended bus departure to confirm that you will be bringing a bicycle.

How long is a return ticket valid for?2022-11-30T13:16:12+00:00

On our Donegal to Galway coach service all Bus Feda onboard-issued return tickets are valid for a month. When you purchase online from our website you must specify your return date. The Bus Feda online tickets are 10% cheaper than if you buy your ticket onboard. On our Donegal to Scotland service, we operate a pay-when-you-travel fare. So, you pay each time you travel and don’t need a return ticket.

Where do I purchase a ticket?2024-05-08T16:43:42+01:00

You can now only purchase a ticket for the bus from Donegal to Glasow online. We will not be accepting cash transactions on the day. Booking is essential. You can book your ticket for your journey using the link below. Click here to book.

If you require further assistance on booking, please call our Donegal office on +353749548114 or Glasgow on +447919204821.

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